BBM Bundles, BES12 and Boeing: BlackBerry’s Big Week for Enterprises

Inside BlackBerry

Last week the big news was around the release of BlackBerry Classic (read our comprehensive blog coverage here).

But we also announced plenty more. Given our ongoing enterprise shift, these are collectively just as significant. Let me catch you up.

BBM Anchors Secure New Productivity and Collaboration Bundles

Recent hacks (see below) reinforce what you probably already know: strong security is vital.

Statistic: Biggest online data breaches worldwide from 2010 to 2013, ranked by number of records stolen (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Rather than being an expensive hindrance to productivity, strong security can prevent you from having to devote management time and IT expertise to shore up defenses or clean up messes after the fact.

BlackBerry announced two inexpensive software bundles centered around BBM that aim to enable both: the Secure Productivity Bundle and the Enterprise Communicator Bundle.

The Secure Productivity Bundle, at $6/user/month, allows employees to stay connected and access data regardless of their location while ensuring that sensitive information is protected…

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