Five Things to Look Out for in a Phone.



Well, well, well, while I’m not sure if most guys have ever given a thought about it, I’m going to say it- shopping for a great phone can be equated with checking out a female. An interesting thought right? but definitely true. Even the makers of phones and hardware ‘were’ out for the sex appeal…so you get my point?

By the way- by posting the pic above I’m not inferring that the lady in the pic is my perfect example of an ideal woman nor I’m I saying so for you (lols), for as they say- “to each his own”. okay, let’s continue

While everyone has their own ‘twisted’ or different taste in everything, everythingat the end of the day still boils down to one thing– is it right for you?

Okay, so here are my five quick and basic things you should consider before picking…

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