BlackBerry Passport – The New Smart Phone of BlackBerry


BlackBerry-Passport-rBlackBerry Passport

Introduction to New BlackBerry Passport

            With the new launch of BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry has got its new innovative, smart phone and it has been admired by the people all around the world within a few hours of the unveiling. This smart phone gets unveiled on September 24, 2014 at the launch events in London. On September 29, this phone is going to be unveiled in India. This is the first smart phone of BlackBerry that comes with BlackBerry 10.3 OS on board with the facility to bring several features such as the BlackBerry assistant, and a Brand new BlackBerry Hub with instant Actions. This 10.3 OS of this BlackBerry Passport also provides people and the users to get access to the Amazon App Store for android along with a special feature of having 240,000 apps. So, this Passport will also be the only smart phone to…

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